Project Documents, Supporting Resolutions & Renderings

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Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

        Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) - Main Document
        Appendix A: EA Notice of Availability and Invitation to Comment
        Appendix B: Agency Comments and Responses
        Appendix C: Public Comments and Responses
        Appendix D: EA Errata
                  Updated Plant Lists
        Appendix E: Mitigation Commitment
        Appendix F: Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement
        Appendix G: NEPA Re-Evaluation dated September 14, 2018
                  Updated Map Book
        Appendix H: 30% Plan Sheets for Modifications at Bailly


National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

        Re-evaluation Memo       
        Appendix A: Mapbook
        Appendix B: Portage/Ogden Dunes Parking Changes
                Cultural Resources
                Hazardous Waste/Regulated Substances
                Wetland and Waters of the U.S. Memorandum
        Appendix C -1:
                4F Letter
                Culvert Matrix
                Culvert Modifications
                Coordination for Culvert Construction
        Appendix C-2:
                Culvert and Roadway Plan Sheets
        Appendix D:
                Department of Development & Storm Water Management Support Closure
                NIPSCO Support Closure


Environmental Assessment

Notice of Availability and Notice of Open House Public Hearings - English & Spanish
Environmental Assessment and Section 4(f) Evaluation

Appendix II – Affected Environment Mapbook

Appendix III - Environmental Assessment Technical Memoranda
         10th and 11th Street Corridor Traffic Impact Analysis
         Parking and Traffic Technical Memorandum
         Land acquisitions, Displacements, and Relocations Technical Memorandum
         Visual and Aesthetic Conditions Technical Memorandum
         Noise and Vibration Technical Memorandum
         Hazardous and Regulated Materials Technical Memorandum
                Appendix A - Desktop Environmental Review
                Appendix B - Aerial Photographs
                Appendix C - Fire Insurance Maps
                Appendix D - Historical Topographic Maps
                Appendix E - City Directions
                Appendix F - Standard Environmental Records
                Appendix G - Site Photos
                Appendix H - Figures
II Environmental Site Assessment
         Floristic Quality Assessment, Threatened and Endangered Species Plant Survey, and Woodland 
         Characterization Investigation
         Habitat Surveys for the Eastern Massasauga, Kirtland's Snake, Spotted Turtle, and Northern Leopard Frog
         Indiana Bat and Northern Long-Eared Bat Habitat Assessment
         Waters of the U.S. Delineation Report
         Environmental Justice Technical Memorandum
         Air Quality Technical Memorandum

Appendix IV – Agency Coordination

Appendix V - Public Outreach

Appendix VI - Preliminary Engineering Plans

Appendix VII - Historic, Archaeological, and Cultural Resources (Section 106)
         Assessment of Effects Report, including Section 106 Consultation Correspondence
         Historic Property Report for the NICTD Double Track NWI Project, Segment 1 of 3, LaPorte County
         Historic Property Report for the NICTD Double Track NWI Project, Segment 2 of 3, Porter County
         Historic Property Report for the NICTD Double Track NWI Project, Segment 3 of 3, Lake County
         Summary of Phase 
I Archaeological Survey for the NICTD Double Track NWI Project    


Memorandums of Understanding
Agreement 1
Agreement 2


Public Meetings and Hearings

October 2017
Public Hearing Information Boards
Public Hearing Handout
Public Hearing PowerPoint Presentation  

October 2016
Exhibit Boards - October 2016
Workshop Handout - October 2016
Workshop Presentation - October 2016  
Environmental Map Book - October 2016 - Please note this is a large file and may take a couple moments to load. 

Real Estate

Real Estate Acquisition Map
FTA Brochure: General Acquisition & Relocation Information
Michigan City Parcel Acquisitions – June 2017
Miller Parcel Acquisitions – June 2017
Ogden Dunes Parcel Acquisitions – June 2017


City of LaPorte Resolution R-1-2017
City of South Bend Resolution
Indiana House Enrolled Act 128
Indiana House Enrolled Act 1001 (Page 94)
Indiana House Enrolled Act 1144
LaPorte County Council Resolution 2017-01
LaPorte County Council Resolution 2017-05
LaPorte County Commissioners Resolution
Michigan City Common Council Resolution 4661
Michigan City Common Council Resolution 4679
Michigan City Redevelopment Commission Resolution 8-17
Regional Development Authority (RDA) Resolution 17-01
St. Joseph County Council Resolution R7-17
State of Indiana - State Budget Agency Letter (September 1, 2017)
Michigan City Common Council Resolution 4797 - O&M Agmt (December 1, 2020)

Renderings and Other Graphics

Miller Station 
Rendering 1 
Rendering 2
Rendering 3 

Michigan City Station
Rendering 1
Rendering 2 
Michigan City Road Closures - July 2017            


Governor Holcomb Signs HEA 1144 for SSLDouble Track

 Images from Ideas in Motion