June 2023 Update


NICTD is pleased to share that as of mid-May 2023, the Double Track Northwest Indiana (NWI) Construction Project is now over 65% complete.

Walsh-Herzog Joint Venture, the primary contractor for the project, is nearing completion of most of the work in Michigan City, including the two new high-level platforms at our 11th Street Station. All work in Michigan City is currently scheduled for completion in summer 2023. That work includes installation of a new surface parking lot north of NICTD’s new platforms, finishing cul-de-sacs, sidewalks, and pavers at intersections. Testing and commissioning are now beginning.

NICTD plans to run revenue service trains on the new rail in Michigan City in late summer 2023. At that time, NICTD’s bus bridge will change to run from Dune Park Station to Gary Metro Center Station until the end of the project in mid-2024.

Michigan City and its developer, Flaherty & Collins Properties, have issued the first bid and selected a precast contractor for the transit-oriented development that will contain NICTD’s 11th Street Station and parking garage. The historic facade was removed from the station and terra cotta restoration is nearing completion.  The station/garage structure is scheduled to begin construction in summer 2023, and complete construction in mid-summer 2024.

A focal point for spring/summer 2023 is to complete what NICTD refers to as the “Bailly Section” west of Dune Park Station, past the at-grade entry road into the Cleveland-Cliffs facility in Burns Harbor, Indiana. Extensive work occurred the weekend of April 14 at the Cleveland Cliffs at-grade east entrance to install all elements for the two new tracks. Corresponding work is underway for NICTD’s overhead contact and fiber optic systems, along with Positive Train Control (PTC) and other elements in the Bailly section.

The Portage/Ogden Dunes Station new South Parking Lot is now open for bus service while the track and platform work take place this spring and summer. A new pedestrian crossing to connect the South Parking Lot to the platforms will also be built this summer.

In Gary, Indiana, the Miller Station East Parking Lot is now complete. This station will have two high-level platforms, which are currently being constructed. All beams are placed and the contractor is working on placing the platform panels. The new Miller Station building is progressing nicely. The exterior of the station building is almost 100% complete and the contractor, Hasse Construction, shifted to interior work in spring 2023. All station work should be complete by the end of summer 2023.

In 2022, construction began on the first two of four bridges. The bridge over Cleveland Cliffs entrance and the bridge over the Norfolk Southern tracks in Burns Harbor are well underway. The other two bridges at CSX and Hobart Road in Gary have also begun construction.

The Gary area will experience heavy activity for track and systems work in the coming summer months. The two new set-out tracks, which are east of Lake Street, will be some of the final track work to take place later this year, starting late summer. Grading for these set-out tracks is underway.

At this time, the Double Track Project is on schedule to run passengers on trains (Revenue Service) in May 2024. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project. As construction progresses, please pardon our dust, and let us know if you have any comments or questions.


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