Double Track NWI - Construction Next Steps 

Emergency Contact List

All buildings have been demolished for the construction of the station and parking lots in Miller. New sewer work has begun in both the west and east parking lots. Parking is available but temporarily restricted while work near Miller Station progresses. Vehicular and pedestrian access from Melton Road (US 20) will be closed, and the driveway from Old US 12/Dunes Hwy will remain open. Construction activities may occur on the shoulder of Old US 12/Dunes Hwy.

7th Avenue will be closed between Floyd and Lake Street beginning Thursday, May 19th for sewer relocation work. Local access will be allowed between Floyd and Hamilton. The work is expected to be completed by June 30th, but may run through July 19th if needed. There will be lane restrictions on Old US 12, but access to Miller Station will be maintained. Click here for detour map.


NIPSCO Contractors (ARC American) will be working on overhead electric lines on US 12 near Alabama St from June 13th through July 1st.

NIPSCO will have periodic lane closures on westbound Melton Road throughout May in support of NICTD Double Track project and INDOT US 20 Complete Streets project sewer main installations.

NICTD’s Double Track Contract 3, awarded to Hasse Construction, includes construction of the new east parking lot site (east of McDonald’s), which has been fenced. Construction of the new east lot began in March. NIPSCO will be relocating utilities along Melton Rd.

INDOT’s US 20 Complete Streets Project in Gary:
This project is separate  from Double Track. In Spring of 2022, INDOT began its "Complete Streets" project, which includes the reconstruction of Melton Rd east and west of Lake St. along with sidewalks and plantings. Any questions related to INDOT’s project should be directed to 855-463-6848.  

NIPSCO’s electrical team is expected to complete work just east of Portage/Ogden Dunes Station by Fall 2022. This work may require short-term travel lane restrictions and railroad flagging.  

Installation of a new pedestrian signal is scheduled for Hillcrest Rd at Ogden Dunes Station in early to mid-June.

The Double Track project’s new Portage/Ogden Dunes South parking lot construction began in March 2022. 

The expansion work at the East Parking lot at Dune Park is complete.

Installation of multiple large and small culverts began in early March at locations mostly west of Beverly Shores (one is east of Beverly Shores). Residents can expect equipment moving and vehicles entering and leaving Route 12 and side roads throughout the culvert installations.

Installation of multiple large and small culverts began in early March at locations mostly west of Beverly Shores (one is east of Beverly Shores). Residents can expect equipment moving and vehicles entering and leaving Route 12 and side roads throughout the culvert installations.

Walsh/Herzog will be removing the existing low-level platform and begin building the two new low-level platforms at Beverly Shores Station the week of May 16. Large beams will be installed for the NICTD catenary system east and west of Broadway beginning June 8. Track, overhead wire and fiber work will be ongoing in the general area in May and June.

On June 6th, Broadway will close for 14 days to construct the new north track through the intersection. Following Broadway, on June 20, Kemil Road (E. State Park Boundary Road) will close for 14 days to construct the new north track through this intersection. Passenger loop bus service to Beverly Shores Station will be temporarily suspended during the closure of Broadway. Detour routes are being coordinated with the town of Beverly Shores and will be posted during these roadway closures.

Road Closure: Broadway in Beverly Shores.Click here for details.

Road Closure: Kemil Road.Click here for details.


NICTD owns the property just west of County Line Road north of US 12 in the Town of Pines where a former brick company was located. NICTD’s Construction Management firm, WSP, has a temporary construction office (trailer) at this location. Residents may see multiple vehicles entering and leaving this site daily.  Walsh/Herzog Joint Venture, the Double Track Project’s main contractor, also has various trailers onsite. The lot has been fenced by Walsh/Herzog Joint Venture.   

NIPSCO will be replacing poles along the tracks in this area in early June.

Installation of multiple large and small culverts began in early March at locations mostly west of Beverly Shores (one is east of Beverly Shores). Residents can expect equipment moving and vehicles entering and leaving Route 12 and side roads throughout the culvert installations.

US Hwy 12 at LaPorte/Porter County Line Road will be closed for 14 days from May 12, 2022 through May 26, 2022 for the construction of new track across the road and culvert work. .

Road Closure: US 12 / County Line Road. Click here for details.

MICHIGAN CITY – 10TH AND 11TH STREET AREA Track construction is underway at the east end of the double track project in Michigan city (Michigan Blvd is eastern project limit).  

The historic 11th Street station has been demolished and foundation removal is complete. The block is fenced and portions of the sidewalk are closed to allow for continuing work. Pedestrians must use the south side of 11th Street. The new north boarding platform foundation is being built at the 11th St station.

Construction on 11th Street began February 28, 2022, which included a full closure of 11th St itself. Michigan City residents can expect north/south street closures that progress westward as construction advances, with signage indicating which streets will be closed and when. Residents, businesses and other property owners are also being notified of any work that will impact ingress/egress for their particular site.

Installation of the overhead catenary poles is in progress in the Right of Way south of 10th St.

Additional road closure details:

  • On February 28, 2022, Walsh/Herzog (WH) closed 11th Street from Chicago Street to Michigan Boulevard. This closure is required to build the two new South Shore Line tracks, create an isolated railroad right-of-way, and improve public safety along 10th and 11th streets. 
  • Pursuant to the 2016 Agreement with Michigan City, the intersection of 11th Street with the following streets will be permanently closed and configured into cul-de-sacs in accordance with the final, approved design. 
    - Elston Street 
    - Manhattan Street 
    - Buffalo Street 
    - Pine Street 
    - Spring Street 
    - Cedar Street
    - York Street 
    - Maple Street 

  • The intersection of 11th Street with the following streets will only be closed as required to construct the work across the intersections. 
    - Chicago Street 
    - Ohio Street
    - Wabash Street 
    - Washington Street 
    - Franklin Street 
    - Lafayette Street 
    - Oak Street 

It is currently anticipated that two closures of each of these intersections will be required with each closure lasting approximately two to three weeks. 

  • To maintain traffic flow in the north south direction past 11th Street, the following constraints will be implemented by Walsh/Herzog: 
  • Tennessee St will remain open when Ohio St is closed until the Ohio Street crossing is re-opened.
  • The intersections of Wabash St, Washington St, and Franklin St will only be closed one at a time.  
  • The intersections of Lafayette St and Oak St will also only be closed one at a time.  
  • Michigan Boulevard will remain open throughout the duration of the project.

The intersections at 11th and Franklin were converted from a stoplight to a stop sign configuration during construction. Construction on 10th Street will occur to the south of the existing roadway, where the two new tracks will be installed. At the completion of the work, the current tracks down 10th Street will be removed and the roadway repaired.

The intersection of 11th Street and Franklin Street closed on May 2nd for construction of the new north track through the intersection. The intersection is expected to be reopened on or around June 1st. Washington Street and Wabash Street will remain open during the Franklin Street closure to provide north-south access across 11th Street.

After completion of the Franklin Street closure, Washington Street will be closed at 11th Street to construct the new north track through this intersection. Washington will close on June 2nd for approximately 30 days. Wabash will follow Washington with an expected closure date of July 2nd. Road closure information will be updated as work progresses. Franklin, Washington, and Wabash will only be closed one at a time to allow north-south access across 11th Street.

Larson-Danielson Construction was awarded the contract to remove the façade from the historic station building on 11th and Franklin streets. It has been removed and is being repaired and stored for future re-erection onto the large 11th Street Station and parking structure. The City is currently working with Flaherty & Collins, a developer, to evaluate alternative Transit Oriented Development (TOD) options for the block bounded by 10th, 11th, Franklin and Pine. Plans for that development are in progress. Questions should be directed to the City of Michigan City for the TOD effort.

NICTD has provided the City of Michigan City with an emergency response contact list. Emergencies should be reported using 911.

For more information: 
Website - 
General Project Hotline - 1.219.850.4457 
General Project Email – 

Click here for additional detail regarding upcoming Road Closures and Detours. 

In order to allow for construction of the new rail line, busing between Dune Park and Carroll Ave. stations is in effect for passengers on all weekday and weekend trains. Dune Park to Carroll Ave. bus service operates on the regular SSL train time schedule. Loop bus service is provided to Michigan City 11th St. (bus stop located @ 920 Franklin St.) and Beverly Shores Station. *Note: Beginning June 6, 2022, loop busing will be temporarily suspended to Beverly Shores Station due to the closure of Broadway. Busing to Beverly Shores will resume after Broadway reopens (expected duration 14 days). Loop buses do not operate on regular SSL train schedules. Please visit for the full loop bus schedule. Those passengers will be bused to either Dune Park or Carroll Ave., where they may board the next scheduled SSL train. Bikes are prohibited from boarding at the South Bend Airport Station throughout the duration of busing. Bikes are permitted as regularly scheduled from Dune Park Station and west.

Please call NIPSCO at 800-464-7726 for questions related to their work and street closures.   

Dates for work beyond 5/24/22 are estimates and subject to change.