Double Track NWI - Construction Next Steps


The week of 3/29, NIPSCO began utility work near US 12 and 7th Ave and also US 20 and Clay Street and along US 20 in Miller. This work will continue in April. This work also involves tree trimming. This work is led by NIPSCO to ensure their utilities are moved out of NICTD’s path for Double Track infrastructure.  

For Double Track, demolition of structures is currently expected to begin around mid to late May 2021. Tree removal for the new east parking lot that will be constructed east of Lake Street is expected to occur in June 2021; this schedule is subject to change.

NIPSCO began gas line work near NICTD’s CSX and Old Hobart Road bridges the week of 3/22/2021.

INDOT’s US 20 Connector Road Project in Gary: This project is separate from Double Track. INDOT has awarded the project to a contractor, Walsh & Kelly. INDOT plans to close what will soon be the former US 12 just east of Lake Street to the point of connection of the new US 20 Connector Road that will be built between US 12 and US 20 on June 10, 2021. INDOT will also permanently close the short leg of US 12 west of Clay Street to the current 12 & 20 connection at that time. That construction is expected to continue until November or December 2021. Any questions related to INDOT’s project should be directed to 855-463-6848.

NIPSCO began installing utility poles on 3/8/2021 near the ArcelorMittal west (main) entrance. Poles will be set adjacent to the Norfolk Southern and ArcelorMittal entrance road bridges that span over NICTD's tracks. NIPSCO also began installing poles just east of the Portage/Ogden Dunes Station the week of 3/15/2021. Tree trimming occurred just south of US 12 near the Portage/Ogden Dunes Station the weeks of 3/15/2021 and 3/22/2021. The tree clearing was required to provide clearances away from their new poles/lines.

For the Double Track project’s new parking lot south of US 12, it is expected that demolition of structures will begin in late 2021 depending on the timing of real estate acquisition. Tree removal for the new South Parking Lot is expected to occur in Nov/Dec 2021. Construction of the new lot will begin in Jan/Feb 2022.

In March 2021, tree removal occurred on the east end of the Dune Park Station east parking lot. This is for the Double Track parking lot expansion. Removal of felled trees will be complete in April.

NIPSCO began trimming trees near Waverly Road the week of 3/15/2021. Pole installations will occur near Waverly Road and adjacent to the US 49 bridge the week of 4/26/2021 or 5/3/2021. 

NIPSCO trimmed trees in this area the week of 3/15/2021 through 3/21/2021.

NIPSCO installed utility poles in the vicinity of Beverly Shores Station the week of 3/15/2021.

NICTD owns the property just west of County Line Road north of US 12 in the Town of Pines where the former brick company was located. NICTD has provided NIPSCO with permission to use that site for power pole storage and trucks from March 1 through mid-May 2021. Residents may see NIPSCO vehicles entering and exiting the site.

NICTD’s Construction Management firm, WSP, will have a temporary office at this location beginning in May 2021.

NIPSCO conducted gas line work near this property the week of 3/22/2021 at Carolina Ave and Kansas Ave.

NIPSCO crews began relocating electric poles/wires along 8th Street from Tennessee to Manhattan Street in February, and this work will continue through April. This work is led by NIPSCO to ensure their utilities are moved out of NICTD’s path for Double Track infrastructure.

In April, NIPSCO will undergo gas line work adjacent to Marquette High School and St. Mary’s Church near Wabash/Buffalo and 10th Street. Also in April, NIPSCO will conduct gas line work on Pine Street in this area.

Real estate acquisition is well underway; it is expected that demolition of some structures will begin in on or after April 22, 2021. Properties are being boarded up and managed by NICTD’s contractor until the overall construction project begins.

Dates for work beyond the week of 4/13/21 are estimates and subject to change.


Should you have questions about the Double Track Northwest Indiana Project, please call 219-850-4457 or email

For questions about NIPSCO’s work, call 800-464-7726.

For questions about INDOT’s US 20 Connector Road project, call 855-463-6848.

In January 2021, the Federal Transit Administration signed a Full Funding Grant Agreement by the Federal Transit Administration to advance the Double Track Northwest Indiana Project to the construction phase. The Full Funding Grant Agreement marks the final milestone of the Capital Investment Grant process to fully fund the $491.1 million expansion of the South Shore Line and commits federal funding for 35 percent of the total project cost.

Construction is slated to begin in May 2021 and run through mid-2023.

NICTD will soon award five contracts for construction, including one contract for the majority of the civil and track elements, and separate contracts for work at the Michigan City 11th Street Station/Garage/Retail Space, Gary/Miller Station and new east parking lot, Portage/Ogden Dunes Station parking lots, and Dune Park Station east parking lot. Invitations for Bids (IFB) were issued for the first three construction contracts on January 7, 2021; the fifth Invitation for Bid was issued on 2/4/2021. An IFB for the construction contract (contract 4) will be advertised in fall 2021. For more information on the procurement process, please visit

Double Track real estate acquisition is underway following the federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act. For more information about the real estate acquisition process, please visit

Early construction activities will take place from January 2021 into late winter and will include construction mobilization, building demolition, utility work, and tree clearing. Building demolition will be completed in Michigan City, Gary, Portage, and Ogden Dunes. Tree clearing will take place at Miller Station for the new parking lot east of Lake Street, at Portage/Ogden Dunes new south parking lot (south of US 12), and at Dune Park Station’s east parking lot, where the lot will expand further to the east. NICTD has hired three contractors to complete this work. A Pre-Demolition/Tree Clearing Meeting will be held with these municipalities in early January 2021 and will include fire and police departments.

Please note that certain utilities, such as NIPSCO, must do early work to relocate such items as power lines/poles, gas pipelines, cable and cellular lines prior to construction. This work is separate from Double Track and is expected to begin in February 2021.

Should you have questions about the Double Track Northwest Indiana Project, please call 219-850-4457 or email