Double Track NWI - Construction Next Steps 




Emergency Contact List

Important Dates: 

  • Final Project Completion: May 2024 (This will include 14 new weekday trains every weekday.)
  • Completion of Segment from Michigan City to Dune Park: Estimated autumn 2023 (At that time, our busing will change to run from Dune Park to Gary Metro until project completion.) 


The east parking lot has been constructed and will open to the public when rail service resumes in 2024. Work is underway in the west parking lot. Vehicular and pedestrian access from Melton Road (US 20) is closed and Former US 12/Dunes Hwy is closed at Lake St.  The new Miller Station’s exterior is largely complete and work has shifted to final interior work. The station building is expected to be complete in late 2023.   

Effective Sept. 15, 2022, Miller Station, including the Miller parking lot and bus stop, has been temporarily relocated to 6121 Melton Rd., Gary, IN. The former Miller Station, parking lot and platform are inaccessible.  

Busing between Gary-Michigan City is currently in effect. Please click here for more information.     



The Double Track project’s new Portage/Ogden Dunes South parking lot construction was completed in September 2022.    

Platform construction for the new Portage/Ogden Dunes high-level platform began in January 2023 and is expected to run through late 2023.  Due to this construction, the Portage/Ogden Dunes parking lot and bus stop are located at the south parking lot (entrance located on Stagecoach Rd). The north Portage/Ogden Dunes station, parking lot and platform are closed and will open when train traffic resumes in 2024.   


Beginning 10/9 and continuing through approximately 11/3, lane shifts of traffic will occur several times on US 12 near Ogden Dunes in order to complete center roadway island construction. 

Busing between Gary-Michigan City is currently in effect. Please click here for more information.         


Signal and overhead wire work continues adjacent to the Dune Park Station platforms.   

Busing between Gary-Michigan City is currently in effect. Please click here for more information. 


Crane operations for bridge construction between Norfolk Southern bridge and Cleveland Cliffs bridge began 10/17.  These bridges are nearly complete. 


Construction of the two new low-level platforms at Beverly Shores Station is complete with the exception of work being finished for the pedestrian crossing.  Overhead wire work continues in the general area.  

Effective Nov. 15, 2022, call-ahead bus service is in effect at Beverly Shores Station. 

Passengers requiring transport to/from Beverly Shores Station are required to call ahead and schedule bus service. Please click here for call-ahead details.  


NICTD owns the property just west of County Line Road north of US 12 in the Town of Pines. The Double Track construction team has various trailers onsite.  There are many vehicles coming and going from this property.   

Residents can expect equipment moving and vehicles entering and leaving Route 12 and side roads throughout the area.  


Track construction is underway at the east end of the Double Track project in Michigan City (Michigan Blvd is eastern project limit).  

Construction on 11th Street began in February 2022, and included a full closure of 11th St. 11th Street will reopen soon, and is now a one-way eastbound street. Michigan City residents can expect north/south street closures that progress westward as construction advances, with signage indicating which streets will be closed and when.  Portions of the sidewalk are closed to allow for continuing work.    

Lane closures continue to be expected at Michigan Blvd and 11th street. 

At completion of construction in autumn 2023, 11th Street will open to one-way traffic (Eastbound only). Sidewalks and new cul-de-sacs will be completed in coming weeks. 

Removal of existing track on 10th Street and repaving the center lane will begin 9/6 and end 9/29. It will be done in two phases - the first from Amtrak's tracks to Willard, and the second from Willard to Sheridan. Lane restrictions are in place until completion of the paving at 10th St.

The contactor must finish final punch list items, as well as address topsoil, seed, and sod to parkways.  

Beginning in mid-October 2023, Flaherty & Collins, the developer of the 11th Street Station/Garage building, will begin construction. Work is expected to end in October 2024 . The site is bounded by 10th, 11th, Franklin and Pine Streets.  Flaherty & Collins and Michigan City also plan a multi-use building to the north/west of the Station/Garage, with construction expected to begin in fall 2023 and run through fall 2025.

The following streets will be temporarily closed to complete upgrades for the Quiet Zone installation: 

  • Vail St - 10/2 - 10/20

 Click here to view the detour maps. 

Willard Ave at 10th St is expected to close 10/2 through 10/7.  

Sheridan Ave at 10th St is expected to close 10/9 through 10/14. 

Effective Nov. 15, 2022, call-ahead bus service is in effect:  

Passengers requiring transport to/from Michigan City 11th St. Station (bus stop temporarily relocated to 920 Franklin St.) are required to call ahead and schedule bus service. Please click here for call-ahead details.  

NICTD has provided the City of Michigan City with an emergency response contact list. Emergencies should be reported using 911.  

For more information: 
Website - 
General Project Hotline - 1.219.850.4457 
General Project Email – 


In order to allow for construction of the new rail line, busing between Gary Metro Center and Carroll Ave. stations is temporarily in effect until early autumn 2023 for passengers on all weekday and weekend trains. Gary Metro to Carroll Ave. bus service operates on the regular SSL train time schedule. Following the completion of this phase of busing between Gary Metro Center and Carroll Ave. in early autumn 2023, the next phase of busing will include stations between Gary Metro Center and Dune Park, to take effect in early autumn 2023. The busing between Dune Park and Gary Metro is expected to last until the project's completion in spring 2024. 

As of Nov. 15, 2022, the regularly scheduled loop bus service to Beverly Shores Station and 11th St. will be temporarily suspended, and call-ahead bus service will be implemented. Passengers requiring transport to/from Beverly Shores Station or Michigan City 11th St. Station (bus stop temporarily relocated to 920 Franklin St.) are required to call ahead and schedule bus service. Please click here for call-ahead details. 

Dates for work beyond 9/29/23 are estimates and subject to change.