Double Track NWI - Construction Next Steps


NIPSCO will be working on electric utilities from Tennessee Street to the I-90 overpass starting on 7/26/21.

AT&T will begin underground conduit work in the Lake Street area 7/22/21; this work is anticipated to last several weeks and will be followed up with cable work lasting until late August/early September.

Comcast overhead fiber optics relocation work is expected to start near Lake St the week of 7/26/21; this work is also anticipated to last several weeks.

For Double Track, demolition of structures is currently expected to begin around late July or early August.

INDOT’s US 20 Connector Road Project in Gary: This project is separate from Double Track. INDOT has awarded the project to a contractor, Walsh & Kelly. INDOT has closed what will soon be the former US 12 just east of Lake Street to the point of connection of the new US 20 Connector Road that will be built between US 12 and US 20 on June 10, 2021. INDOT will also permanently close the short leg of US 12 west of Clay Street to the current 12 & 20 connection at that time. That construction is expected to continue until November or December 2021. Any questions related to INDOT’s project should be directed to 855-463-6848.

NIPSCO is working from the east end of Portage/Ogden Dunes Station to just west of Hillcrest Road, which includes travel lane reductions and flagging the week of 7/19. NIPSCO electrical work will also include restoration during the week of 7/26/21.. NIPSCO gas crews are also working in the Burns Harbor area to retire multiple abandoned gas line segments the week of 7/19/21 and is expected to last several weeks. NIPSCO electric crews will be doing restoration work near Waverly Rd the week of 7/26. Frontier cable removal near the Cleveland Cliff’s main entrance will continue into the week of 7/26/21.

For the Double Track project’s new parking lot south of US 12, it is expected that demolition of structures will begin in late 2021 depending on the timing of real estate acquisition. Tree removal for the new South Parking Lot is expected to occur in Nov/Dec 2021. Construction of the new lot will begin in Jan/Feb 2022; this schedule is subject to change.

NIPSCO gas line work is expected to occur at Tremont Road in late July and will last several weeks.

No activity at this time.

No activity at this time.

NICTD owns the property just west of County Line Road north of US 12 in the Town of Pines where the former brick company was located. NICTD has provided NIPSCO with permission to use that site for power pole storage and trucks through the end of July 2021. Residents may see NIPSCO vehicles entering and exiting the site. Gas line work near the property continues through July north of the NICTD tracks.

NICTD’s Construction Management firm, WSP, now has a temporary construction office at this location.

NIPSCO electric continues to do retirement work along 8th Street and Pine Street. This work involves short-term street closures. NIPSCO electric crews will also be starting restoration the week of 7/26/21.

In addition, NIPSCO gas work has begun at 10th Street and approximately 29 gas service lines will be cut back to the main and will continue into late July/early August. Gas work will also occur at 11th and Franklin in mid to end of July. This work is led by NIPSCO to ensure their utilities are moved out of NICTD’s path for Double Track infrastructure.

Real estate acquisition is well underway. Demolition of structures began in May 2021 and will continue as properties come into NICTD control. Properties are being boarded up and managed by NICTD’s contractor until the overall construction project begins.

Please call NIPSCO at 800-464-7726 for questions related to their work and street closures.

Dates for work beyond the week of 7/21/21 are estimates and subject to change.


Should you have questions about the Double Track Northwest Indiana Project, please call 219-850-4457 or email

For questions about NIPSCO’s work, call 800-464-7726.

For questions about INDOT’s US 20 Connector Road project, call 855-463-6848.

In January 2021, the Federal Transit Administration signed a Full Funding Grant Agreement by the Federal Transit Administration to advance the Double Track Northwest Indiana Project to the construction phase. The Full Funding Grant Agreement marks the final milestone of the Capital Investment Grant process to fully fund the $491.1 million expansion of the South Shore Line and commits federal funding for 35 percent of the total project cost.

Construction is slated to begin in autumn 2021 and run through late 2024.

The project is broken into 7 projects. Project 1 is the main contract for the majority of the civil and track elements. Initial bids were rejected in May 2021, and the project is expected to be re-bid in August 2021. Anticipated Notice to Proceed for Project 1 is fall 2021. Project 2 includes work at the Michigan City 11th Street Station/Garage/Retail Space- this contract has been awarded to Larsen-Danielson. Project 3 includes Gary/Miller Station building and new east parking lot; this project has been awarded to Hasse Construction. Project 4 includes the Portage/Ogden Dunes Station parking lots (including the new lot south of US 12); this project is expected to go out for bid in fall 2021. Project 5 includes the Dune Park Station east parking lot; this contract has been awarded to Rieth-Riley, and construction begins in August 2021. Project 6 is a Positive Train Control Request for Proposals that is expected to be released in August 2021. Project 7 is an early exclusion fencing project for 10 miles of the corridor. This project is out for bid as of late July 2021.

For more information on the procurement process, please visit

Double Track real estate acquisition is well underway following the federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act. For more information about the real estate acquisition process, please visit

Early construction activities will take place from January 2021 into late winter and will include construction mobilization, building demolition, third-party utility work, and tree clearing. Building demolition is expected to be completed in Michigan City, Gary, Portage, and Ogden Dunes by the end of 2021. Tree clearing has already occurred at Miller Station for the new parking lot east of Lake Street, and at Dune Park Station’s east parking lot, where the lot will expand further to the east. Tree clearing at Portage/Ogden Dunes new south parking lot (south of US 12) is expected in late 2021. 

Should you have questions about the Double Track Northwest Indiana Project, please call 219-850-4457 or email